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Stipe Dujmovic, Meisterfeier Düsseldorf

Stipe Elektrotechnik is your specialist from Düsseldorf (NRW) for power quality.

My main areas of activity:

→ Network analysis

→ Energy and harmonic analysis,

→ power quality measurements,

→ Error analysis

→ Expert work

Our company has specialized in the special field of EMC-compliant installation of electrical systems. We have special experience with this. These skills are required in data centers and other objects where highly available power supplies are required.

I act Europe-wide on customer inquiries.

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Frequently asked customer questions are answered here.

In a network analysis, a mobile network analyzer is set up by a specialist at one or more locations. Recording usually lasts at least 7 days. After the measurement has been completed, the recorded measurement data is evaluated using special software. The recorded data is usually evaluated and explained in the form of a report. It is particularly important here to describe the highly complex and very theoretical processes in electrical engineering in such a way that laypeople can also understand them.

More and more network operators are already demanding a performance profile when planning and registering charging infrastructures.
For this we offer you a 7-day performance measurement of the electrical system. The measurement is created with certified measuring devices and evaluated and evaluated by a specialist. You will receive a performance profile that provides information about peak loads and the load profile per day.

Since we want to offer our customers the highest possible quality, we only use measuring devices from premium manufacturers.

The measuring devices from A-Eberle, Chauvin-Arnoux, Fluke and Megger have proven to be particularly good.

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